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Player 1 Controls: Up, Left, Down, Right and . for boost

Player 2 Controls: WASD and 1 for boost

When the instruction screens refer to smashing something, smash your boost button.

This game was built for Mulitjam Ultra 2015 hosted by Brooklyn Gamery at NYU's Magnet space. It was built in Unity in 2 days. We were going so asynchronous multi-player with a button masher slightly out of control feel. We ended up with bumper cars in SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!

Originally designed for Fightstick Pro controls the boost is meant to be hit a lot and very quickly.

Who did what:

Graphics by @LineDetail and @PowerWolf69

Programming @edbles

Music And Sound: @relwordd

Install instructions

The version on the page is keyboard control if you download the build called SpaceSmash.zip that's meant specifically for an X-Box 360 controller (we used the Fightstick Pro).


SpaceSmash.zip 7 MB